Clipping “COVID-19” – 04.30.2020

  • 30 April, 2020 -

COVID-19 COMBATING MEASURES:   The House of Representatives approved on 29 April 2020 a proposal that gives priority in the new Coronavirus testing to professionals who work in the combat of Covid-19 and are in direct contact with contaminated people such as health professionals and funeral agents. The measure goes to the Senate. Bill 1409/2020.

PROVISIONAL MEASURE DELAYS THE ENTRY INTO FORCE OF THE BRAZILIAN GENERAL DATA PROTECTION LAW (LGPD):   Provisional Measure 959/2020 was published on 29 April 2020 and postpones the entry into force of the Brazilian General Data Protection Law (LGPD) to 3 May 2021. It also exempts from bidding Federal Bank Caixa Econômica (CEF) and Bank of Brazil (Banco do Brasil) to pay emergency benefits. As this is a Provisional Measure, it must still be voted by the Brazilian Parliament within 120 days to be converted into a law under penalty of losing its validity (which in practical terms would be the entry into force of the LGPD in August 2020). Provisional Measure No. 959 of 29 April 2020.

COVID-19 COMBATING MEASURES IN THE BRAZILIAN FEDERAL DISTRICT (BRASILIA REGION):   The Legislative House of the Brazilian Federal District approved on 29 April 2020 the offering of special credit to the budget in the amount of BRL 57.4 million for actions to combat the Pandemic. The resources come from a transfer of the Unified Health System (SUS) forwarded to the Federal District by the Federal Government. The text goes on to be approved by Governor Ibaneis Rocha. Bill no. 1158/2020.

COVID-19 CAN BE AN OCCUPATIONAL DISEASE EVEN WITHOUT PROOF OF THE MOMENT OF CONTAGION:   The Plenary session of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) held on 29 April 2020 suspended the effectiveness of two articles of Provisional Measure 927/2020 which authorises employers to adopt exceptional measures due to the state of public calamity resulting from the Pandemic. By majority, article 29 thereof was suspended – it does not consider cases of contamination of workers by coronavirus as occupational disease. Article 31 which limited the work of labour inspectors to orientation activities was also suspended. Direct Unconstitutionality Actions No. 6342, No. 6344, No. 6346, No. 6348, No. 6349, No. 6352 and No. 6354.

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