Clipping “COVID-19” – 04.29.2020

  • 29 April, 2020 -

LIST OF ACTIVITIES CONSIDERED AS ESSENTIAL IS EXTENDED: Decree No. 10,329 was published today. It extends the list of activities considered essential in the context of the Pandemic, amending Decree No. 10,282 of 20 March 2020. When classified as essential, the activities and services can continue in operation even during restriction or quarantine due to the virus. Amongst the services included in the decree are (i) sound and image broadcasting services; (ii) vehicle rental activities; (iii) public service activities at bank agencies, credit cooperatives or similar establishments, among others. Decree nº 10.329 of 28 April 2020.

COVID-19 COMBATING MEASURES: On 28 April 2020, Bill no. 2156/20 was presented in the House of Representatives. It makes the use of facial masks in public places mandatory in order to prevent the spread of the new Coronavirus. The text foresees that the masks – even if handmade – will be mandatory for all citizens in all public spaces, on public roads, public transportation and commercial and industrial establishments. Public and private establishments authorised to operate shall provide masks to their servants, employees and collaborators, as well as require their use. Bill no. 2156/2020.

BRAZILIAN NATIONAL SANITARY SURVEILLANCE AGENCY (ANVISA) AUTHORISES THE USE OF COVID-19 TESTS IN PHARMACIES: A Resolution of the Board (RDC) of the Brazilian National Sanitary Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) No. 377 was published today authorising – on a temporary and exceptional basis – the use of ” quick tests” for COVID-19 in pharmacies due to the international public health emergency related to the new  Coronavirus. Pharmacies must comply with the technical safety requirements for testing and have a sanitary licence and operating authorisation. Resolution No. 377, of 28 April 2020.

BRAZILIAN SOCIAL SECURITY INSTITUTE RELEASES PAYMENT OF AID IN CURRENT ACCOUNT: Ordinance No. 543 was published today authorising the transfer of the payment of aids from the magnetic card modality to the current account in the name of the benefit holder – upon request – for as long as the situation of public health risk due to Coronavirus persists. The purpose is to prevent beneficiaries from going to bank agencies. Ordinance No. 543 of 27 April 2020.

BRAZILIAN TAX APPEALS BOARD (“CARF”) REGULATES THE NON-PRESENTIAL TRIAL MEETINGS: Ordinance no. 10,786 was published today. It regulates the trial meetings to be made not in person – i.e. by videoconference or similar technology – within the CARF. It applies to cases whose original value is less than BRL 1 million, as well as appeals – regardless of the value of the case – pertaining to matters exclusively related to: (i) CARF’s consolidated caselaw or resolutions, or (ii) a final decision of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) or the Supreme Court of Justice (STJ) handed down in the “Repetitive Appeals” system (articles 1,036 to 1,041 of the Civil Procedure Code). Ordinance No. 10.786 of 28 April 2020.

BRAZILIAN FEDERAL DISTRICT ESTABLISHES THE TAXPAYER’S DEFENCE LAW: Complementary Law No. 968/2020 was published today. It determines rules for regulating the relationship between taxpayers and the public administration of the Brazilian Federal District. Complementary Law No. 968 of 28 April 2020.

TAX EXEMPTION ON DONATION OPERATIONS IN RIO DE JANEIRO: The Legislative Assembly of Rio de Janeiro (Alerj), approved on 28 April 2020 the Bill No. 2,333/2020 that exempts the levy of the tax on successions and donations (ITCMD) in the operations of financial donations to the State Health Fund while the Pandemic persists. The measure also exempts from taxation donations of materials and equipment to combat Covid-19 and financial donations to scientific institutions. The text will follow for approval by Governor W. Witzel. Bill No. 2.333/2020.

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